Learn how to Master the Macaron

With our NEW IMPROVED Macaron cooking classes, we have several machines ready for students to actually make their own macarons. Our teacher instructs you how to work through each stage of the process to ensure you succesfuly learn how to create these chewy French delights. There are three machines to split the group to ensure more hands on time for everyone.

Classes are held on Wednesday & Friday at 6.30pm and

Sunday at 1.30 and 4.30 (Classes may be cancelled occassionally)

SIMPLY FRENCH VOUCHERS - vouchers no longer being honoured......please call 604 366 0960 for details



Professor and the Pigeon is now offering a basic chocolate truffle class. In this 2 hour class, you will learn how to make chocolate ganache using Dark, Milk and White chocolate. How to roll and coat them to make wonderful treats/presents for your family and friends. This is a fun and easy cooking class suitable for novices in the kitchen. Great for small groups of friends to enjoy a night out.


Select a class (macaron/truffle) then select a date in the booking schedule to the right. When you choose a date, it will say below how many CLASSES (appointments) there are for that DAY.  The grey box to the right will tell you how many slots are still available for that class. If you would like to book for more than 1 person, fill in the form and then see above calender for book another and click on that and re send information until you have the required number of people.

If using any of the online vouchers, don't worry about the price on the form as you have already purchased your ticket and are simply scheduling your class. However, you need to put the type of voucher and voucher number in the "notes" section of the form.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you in class.


Cooking Class Instructions

Please show up 10 minutes before the class is due to start so you can register in. Please bring the voucher if using one and $2.50 each for GST in cash.

The class goes for 2 hours (depending on speed of class participants) and is a GROUP class. You will be preparing macarons for the entire group in assorted colours, There are many photo oportunities so you can dazzle your friends on facebook. Feel free to take as many photos as you like.